Recent eruptive activity at Nyamulagira: Now, there is a lava lake!

As previously reported, intermittent lava fountains appeared on top of Nyamulagira volcano since April 2014. These lava fountains, first erroneously interpreted as a lava lake by NASA in June 2014 [1], were observed for the first time in the field in July 2014 by a team of Congolese, Belgian, Luxembourgish and Italian scientists [2].

Recent lava fountains in the pit crater of Nyamulagira volcano - Photo (c) B. Smets, July 2014Around mid-September, this activity stopped, but reappeared in early November as a small bubbling lava lake, at the same location as the lava fountains observed in July (see the previous news article for location details). It is uncertain if this activity will persist or not. If the current activity is similar to what occurred between 1913 and 1938 at that volcano, we will probably have intermittent activity that may progressively give birth to a long-lived active lava lake, as it is the case at the neighbouring Nyiragongo volcano.