Please, save BELSPO!

Belspo logoAs you probably heard we have recently changed Government in Belgium. The new Government has decided to purely and simply kill our Federal Science Policy Office (BELSPO) and reduce drastically the budget of what’s left of it, spread around as individual entities . BELSPO was the only organisation, grouping Sciences Institutions and Universities from the three Communities of the Country (Flemish, French, german) in original federated collaborative research project that had enough “financial inertia” to compete with and within International projects in Fundamental Sciences, including Global and Sustainable Environment and Climate, bringing belgian inventivness to the World!… It was also running the science at our Belgian Antarctic Base princess Elisabeth and our research ship, the Belgica,  in the North Sea! (texte from J.L. Tison, ULB)

Our motto in Belgium is « Unity makes strengh ». All together, we can change things. So, please sign and SUPPORT BELGIAN SCIENCE and ask for keeping BELSPO alive! It only takes two minutes.

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